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What is the Selective Bibliography of Forced Migration?

This is a collection of written and audiovisual materials to widen the scope of discussion around refugees and forced migration. Forced migration is a much debated, extremely sensationalized, and yet poorly understood topic. Therefore, this project is first and foremost an educational tool for people of all ages and draws on materials which are accessible to a variety of audiences. We explore everything from children’s books to academic theory from both contemporary and historical perspectives, and including contributions from people who have themselves experienced forced migration. This is not merely a list; this is a collaborative, open-access, developing resource aimed at widening the scope of discussion around refugees and forced migration. This project is an extension of the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education, the Lexicon of Forced Migration Class (offered at all Consortium colleges), and ongoing discourse about the realities of and responses to forced migration. We were inspired by the #CharlestonSyllabus, the Ferguson Syllabus, and other crowdsourced resources, and thankful to the creators of the #CharlestonSyllabus for their advice and insight. 

The project was initially developed by Professor Brittany Murray, at Vassar College in 2019.