The Bibliography

The Selective Bibliography of Forced Migration, Pandemic, and COVID-19

COVID-19 has dominated the attention of the world. There are over three million reported cases as well as over 200,000 virus related deaths as of April 28, 2020. There are also millions (if not billions) of headlines, tweets, news reports, livestreams, blogs, etc. purporting to have the most accurate, correct, and up to date information.The first steps of solving a problem have always been understanding it. Now, part of understanding COVID-19 is sifting through the 24-hour media news cycle.  

 In several countries, the healthcare system has collapsed and the non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as lock downs, has stagnated the economy and made thousands of unemployment and income decrease. Elections have been postponed. Schools are out of session. The entire world is feeling the effects of this pandemic but the entire world is not feeling them equally. The following collection of sources the vast variety affects of COVID-19 on a vast-variety of migrants.

COVID-19 and Migration

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