Student Research Team

Samantha Cavagnolo

Vassar College ‘22

I am a Religion major with interests in Anthropology, Art History, and International Studies. I have been working on the Bibliography since Fall 2019 and am excited to watch our team and research grow.

Kaiya John

Vassar College ‘23

I am an International Studies major and Arabic minor with additional interest (and concentrations) in Public Health and Forced Migration. I am grateful to be on this talented, hardworking team and very excited to see where our research takes us!

Haru Sugishita

Vassar College ‘23

I am a prospective Political Science major with interests in French and International Studies. I’ve been working with the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education since Fall 2019. I am currently researching about the COVID-19 pandemic and Forced Migration and very thrilled to work with this amazing team!

Naima Nader

Vassar College ‘23

I’m an international student from France and Germany and a prospective Mathematics major. I’m also interested in Migration Studies and Linguistics. Having the opportunity to do meaningful research in an area that is important to me has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I look forward to sharing our research with others.

Elijah Appelson

Vassar College ‘23

I am a prospective Mathematics major with interests in Sociology and Prison Studies. I’m new to working on Forced Migration and excited to use my interests to bring a unique perspective to our brilliant team. 

Angie Diaz

Vassar College ‘21

I’m an Asian Studies major with concentrations in History and Art History, with a newfound focus on forced migration. I’m currently researching COVID-19 and how refugees have responded within their communities, along with graphic novels as a medium of refugee narrative.

Violet Cenedella

Vassar College ‘22

I am an American Studies major with concentrations in Sociology and International Affairs. I was introduced to the Consortium of Forced Migration in spring 2019 and spent the following summer on the Burnam Fellowship putting on theater workshops and working with unaccompanied minor boys in Moria Refugee Camp on Lesvos, Greece. My work with refugees reinvigorated my passion for studying forced migration and instilled a lifelong dedication to fight for the rights of displaced peoples. I’m honored to return to the Consortium to begin such important work.