Elijah Appelson

Elijah is a Mathematics major and Prison Studies minor at Vassar. He worked with the Selective Bibliography Summer 2020-Winter 2021.

Counting Forced Migrants: Methods, Impact, and Improvements

Keywords: dataterminology

Target audience: high school (grades 9-12)

Recognizing that forced migrants are more than their numbers, this bibliography section aims to interrogate the methods and impact of counting forced migrants by compiling sources that ask: who quantifies forced migration and how do they do it? 

Forgetting Humanitarian Aid: Mutual Aid for and by Refugees

Keywords: activismborders and borderlandscolonizationhumanitarianismmutual aidrefugee

Target audience: high school (grades 9-12)*

This section uses concepts of mutual aid to complicate traditional humanitarian aid structures in and around refugee communities while prompting readers to design and advance mutual aid networks themselves.

The United States Prison System Viewed as a System of Forced Migration

Keywords: incarceration, The United States

Target audience: advanced and lifelong learners

This section aims to facilitate novel discourse on mass incarceration and forced migration to show that the United States prison system is one of forced migration. Compiled by Elijah Appelson.