All of the titles below link to thematic research sections addressing media. Each section will open as a PDF and contains a written introduction with approximately 8-12 open-access and multi-media resources (books, articles, videos, podcasts, etc.). 

Labels and Media Framing: “Refugee” and “Migrant”

This section investigates the terms “refugee” and “migrant” in their social and legal constructions, demonstrating the impact of those labels on our thinking and questioning the distinction between both words.

The Marketing of Refugees: Humanitarian Photography and the Politics of Donation

This section investigates humanitarian photography and its use in donation campaigns frequently used by large international aid organizations and NGOs.  

Visual Storytelling: A Teaching Guide to Children’s and Young Teens’ Graphic Novels

This section presents a collection of children’s and young teens’ graphic novels on stories of forced migration from all around the world along with supplementary sources that educators and adults can utilize to teach each graphic novel.