Naima Nader

Naima is a Mathematics major at Vassar interested in thinking about migration and the ways we talk and learn about it. She worked with the Selective Bibliography Summer 2020-Winter 2021.

Food and Migration: Community, Diaspora, Politics

Keywords: activismdiasporafoodhome

Target audience: late elementary and middle school (grades 5-8)*

Food is a means for understanding others and their experiences. With this in mind, this section demonstrates the vital link between food and community, identity, the migration process, and political debate. 

Free Movement and Belonging in Europe: The Situation of the Romani Peoples

Keywords: belongingborders and borderlandsEuroperaceRomani Peoplesterminology

Target audience: advanced and lifelong learners

The Roma illustrate perfectly that for many Europeans, there is the perception that there are no minorities in Europe, only “migrants.” This section attempts to reverse that assumption and to put into question the ways in which Europeans are implicitly thought of as White, while “race” is often presented as a non-issue in Europe. 

Labels and Media Framing: “Refugee” and “Migrant”

Keywords: mediarefugeeterminology

Target audience: high school (grades 9-12)

This section investigates the terms “refugee” and “migrant” in their social and legal constructions, demonstrating the impact of those labels on our thinking and questioning the distinction between both words.