All of the titles below link to thematic research sections addressing theater. Each section will open as a PDF and contains a written introduction with approximately 8-12 open-access and multi-media resources (books, articles, videos, podcasts, etc.). 

Finding Voice Through Theater: Forced Migration and Self-Expression

This section highlights the uses of theater around the world to showcase the work of refugees past and present who successfully cross the distance between “us” and “them,” building mutual understanding through self-expression.

Rethinking the Value of Art Therapy

This section explores the significance of art therapies in addressing the mental health of forced migrants around the world.

Bearing Witness: Stories of Migration Through Art

In December 2020, the Selective Bibliography of Forced Migration hosted a virtual community conversation centered around art and migration — from textile cloths to theater performances — with a focus on what it means to bear witness to such moments in individual stories of migration. This section includes the sources viewed at the event, additional contextual resources, and discussion questions.