All of the titles below link to thematic research sections addressing violence. Each section will open as a PDF and contains a written introduction with approximately 8-12 open-access and multi-media resources (books, articles, videos, podcasts, etc.). 

Migration and Gender-Related Issues: Sexual/Reproductive Health and Violence in Forcibly Displaced Populations

This section presents the barriers to reproductive health and instances of sexual violence that are exacerbated in situations of violent conflict and forced migration.

Environmental Displacement of Indigenous People: A Glimpse into Anishinaabe Resistance to Colonial Exploitation

This section aims to provide tools and resources for teaching high school students about the environmental displacement of Indigenous people in North America due to colonization. Rather than attempting to generalize the experiences of the many tribes who have been forced to leave their land or are currently fighting against displacement, this section will focus on the Anishinaabeg Nations and the threats that they currently face.