Angie Diaz

Angie graduated Vassar in 2021 with an Asian Studies major and concentrations in History and Art History and a focus on forced migration. They worked with the Selective Bibliography Summer 2020-Summer 2021.

Loving Minds and Caring Hands: Displaced People Building Compassionate Communities During COVID-19

Keywords: artCOVID-19healthhome

Target audience: high school (grades 9-12)

This section explores the ways that refugees and asylum seekers have shown resilience and extended compassion to their communities and newfound homes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visual Storytelling: A Teaching Guide to Children’s and Young Teens’ Graphic Novels

Keywords: artbelongingdiasporamediapersonal narrative

Target audience: late elementary and middle school (grades 5-8)*

This section presents a collection of children’s and young teens’ graphic novels on stories of forced migration from all around the world along with supplementary sources that educators and adults can utilize to teach each graphic novel.