Additional Research

Research from A Lexicon of Forced Migration

This is a selection of student projects from the Lexicon of Forced Migration course offered at Vassar, Bennington, Sarah Lawrence, and Bard Colleges. The course encourages students to think critically and consciously of the language used to discuss forced migration while staying global in scope and multidisciplinary in methodology.

The projects below were created collaboratively between Vassar College and Bennington College students in Spring 2021.

Climate Change and Forced Migration

Research by Arlene Chen (Vassar College), Eunice Rodriguez (Bennington College), Jordan Shamoun (Vassar College), Jonah Taranta (Vassar College), and Alexey Tarasov (Bennington College).

Deportation and Criminalization

Research by Logan Ragsdale (Vassar College), Isabel Harper (Bennington College), and Julia Henck (Bennington College).

Gentrification in Los Angeles, California (with podcast)

Research by Mae Long (Vassar College), Nicole Migneault (Bennington College) and Jasper Hixon (Vassar College).


Bearing Witness: Stories of Migration Through Art (December 2020)

In December 2020, the Selective Bibliography of Forced Migration hosted a virtual community conversation centered around art and migration — from textile cloths to theater performances — with a focus on what it means to bear witness to such moments in individual stories of migration. This section includes the sources viewed at the event, additional contextual resources, and discussion questions. Compiled by Kaiya John.